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Formed by a group of local cooperatives in Catalonia, Spain, Acomont or Agrupacio de Coopertatives d’oli del Montsia produces extra virgin olive oil made from three native varieties of olives – Morruda, Sevillenca and Farga. With centuries of knowledge in the production of olive oil in Spain, Acomont maintains close ties with farmers to ensure the best cultivation and harvesting of the olives using pesticide-free methods. At the right moment of ripeness the olives are picked by hand, drained of their oil and then stored in silos to preserve the original aroma and organoleptic qualities.

The harvested olives are pressed within 48-72 hours to ensure ultimate quality.


A winery devoted to producing high quality vinegar and wine, Badia Vinagres has invested in science applied methods to food production. The traditional Schützenbach acetification method of one, allows aromas and flavours of a high subtlety and includes a modern bottling and tangential filtration system to clarify vinegars. The conjunction of tradition and innovation gives Badia Vinagres an advantage in obtaining vinegars with distinctive character. The vinegar, from Catalonia-Spain, is produced from intensely aromatic merlot wine, and enriched with toast notes acquired during the six months of aging in french oak casks.