Olive Trees Over 1000 Years Old

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from these trees by selecting the olives which are classified as meeting a minimum trunk size, in good condition, with good plant health, etc.

The olives on all of these monumental trees are of the traditional variety “Farga”.

The local cooperatives track the crop and recommend the harvesting to be done at a specific time to ensure that the quality of the olive is excellent at the time of collection.

Once the date to collect the olives is agreed by all the cooperatives, the olives are collected by the members of the cooperatives (owners of heritage trees) and taken directly to the mill to produce oil by a continuous system of 2 phases.  Processing (milling, mixing and spinning) is completely cold.  The time between the olive harvest and when the oil is produced is less than 10 hours.  After processing, the unusable parts are sent directly to landfill, for a natural disposal.

The resulting oil has a complex aroma.  It is primarily fruit aromas of red pulp, which has many shades of flowers and herb.  The taste is harmonious and smooth, with a sweet entry.  The end has a slight bitterness, because of the freshness of the olive.

Credit To: 1000yearoldoliveoil.com