The best temperature to fry with olive oil is 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Produce to Avail in the Summer

Next time you are grocery shopping, make the most out of your meals by buying seasonal produce.

Pipirrana Please!

  Pipirrana is a native dish to Spain. It’s packed with vegetables and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, garlic and salt. A great dish on it’s own, Pipirrana also goes well with barbecued dishes and… Continue reading

Power Granola

“Start Your Mornings and Conquer The Week with This Power Breakfast”

Be in control of your salad dressing

Simply and with care, “make it your self”


“Italy imports most of it’s Olive Oil from Spain”

Olive Trees Over 1000 Years Old

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from these trees by selecting the olives which are classified as meeting a minimum trunk size, in good condition, with good plant health, etc. The olives on… Continue reading

Catalan Spinach

Here’s a new way to cook your spinach… Catalan style. This 6 ingredient recipe is simple to prepare but never the less flavorful and satisfying. We suggest cooking this dish with Acomont Extra… Continue reading

Christmas Dinner

Enough Turkey, enough Chicken, let’s go with this delicious mouth watering bird…. Duck! To prepare this meal you will need the following ingredients: 2 cups plum wine* 2 5-pound ducks, thawed if frozen… Continue reading

The bold vinegars

MERLOT A bittersweet vinegar produced from Merlot wine, with hints of vanilla and liquorice.
VERMOUTH A sweet vinegar produced from Vermouth wine with a strong botanical flavor consisting of herbs and sweet ripe fruit

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